Hi, my name is

Aditya Thakekar,

I connect things to the cloud!

I'm an Electronics Engineer turned Consultant specializing in building wireless products connected to the Cloud. Currently, I'm focused on building content around Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Bluetooth Mesh.


About Me

Hello! My name is Aditya and I enjoy connecting things to the cloud. My interest in Firmware development started back in 2012 working in college on different projects — turns out projects helped me develop a passion for Embedded systems and the Internet of Things.

Fast-forward to today, and Ive had the privilege of working with an agency, a start-up, a huge corporation. My main focus these days is building products around the Internet of Things, edge computing, cloud computing, and Bluetooth Mesh.


Languages and tools I love!

My Work

Projects I've worked on

Energy Monitoring system

Smart Energy monitoring system is aimed at building a robust environment that is capable of not just capturing the data from various meters attached to electrical meters but also minimizing the consumption with help of data. Current and voltage sensors provide real-time data once the system is turned on. This helps users to track the usage metrics thereby analyzing the bottlenecks and increasing the throughput. In this project, three meters are mapped to cross-examine the usage parameters.

IoT Fleet management

Fleet management with IoT and data visualization gives businesses a competitive advantage in tracking on-field assets like buses, trucks. This project aimed at driving the business with real-time data on tire pressure, vehicle fuel management, and GPS location which helped in tracking and also understanding investment per vehicle. This translates to greater savings by reducing any risk in losses and other transport-related issues. In case of any crash, the system gets alerted, and immediately the problem is resolved. Data visualization of speed and fuel in the field is sent to the cloud as a JSON response.

IoT Container Management

Oil and Gas Containers management help in analyzing various parameters with the use of sensors and IoT telematics and connectivity solution. This project solves the problem of leak detection, container fluid levels, hazard management, safety standard protocols in the field, security control, and asset management. Data-visualization of silos weight, temperature, and monitoring events are used for cloud computing over a period of time. This helps in setting up trigger events well below the threshold to control the environment and follow safety standards.

Some of my Creative Coding

IoT Admin Panel

Admin panel can be used in different use cases. IoT hardware module can run the panel as an access point and act as a UI for users to enter the WiFi credentials and other tokens for securit y to connect to a secure network. Tokens can be hardcoded and once connected to the cloud can be verified and changed on the go to help customers get data to drive their business.


This is one of the most popular Code Pens with loading light bulb UI. Running the HTML,CSS code on ESP32. Do check my Code Pens with interactive UI and games running on ESP32 and optimized to run on other controllers with RAM management and secure access. This acts as an inspiration to everyone learning to code in Embedded C and enriches their creativity to run multiple projects on smaller footprints.

Flexbox Froggy

Flexbox Froggy is a very popular game to learn CSS in a very interactive way. Gamers learn the positioning of Elements of a webpage with CSS flexbox. This game runs on a web page and is now also on a controller like ES32. We are using HTML, CSS elements to understand the basics and running it on a smaller RAM-sized controller in a creative way. ESP32 acting as an access point connects the web and mobile with an IP address over which Flexbox Froggy runs flawlessly. Enjoy the game and learn CSS in an interactive way.

Creative Work

3d printed Enclosures are used to quickly test the prototype on the field. These are a few of my design works that were deployed in the field to test the working of the module under various test cases.

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